Weekend plans? Easy! AmsterdamFashionWeek

Dear readers,

The adventure with Amsterdam Fashion Week January 2013 edition adventure is far, far from being over.

The weekend will surely be busy and during this cold snowy season I have a couple of friends to keep me company.  I got invites for:

3pm Show: Dennis Diem


5pm Show: Winde Rienstra


6pm Show: Maidenform – The of Art Form


The Sunday plan will be less busy but I will be attending the closing show of the Amsterdam Fashion Week with

9pm Closing Show: Marga Weimans


Can’t really complain, now can I?

Got a better camera and am all ready to share with you the looks and vibe of Amsterdam’s fantastic event!

This is what I call starting the year in style!

Happy Happy Days! Fashion really is my thing. Fingers crossed this is one of those lasting loves!