The must-have accessory

I was 6 when I got my first: pink, oval with a  lace covered in “diamonds”on the left side. Oh! I did feel pretty and so stylish with my glam glasses. Thanks Mom!
I remember when having glasses was something to be picked on at school. Luckily things change, just like trends, and today having lunettes is a style statement, more, a personal statement.

Forget the scarfs, hats, jewelry and watches. The must-have item of the hour is vintage-eyeware – yes, a compound form because the hip and trendy glasses frames are vintage inspired (which will lead me to another post later).
Lets see…shapes and meanings according to the world renowned glasses expert, Miss Confashionista!

Cat: affirmative, sweet, sexy
Round: private, dreamy, thinker
Square: determined, strong minded, outspoken
Aviator: hippie, relaxed, bright
Am I warm?
Color/Print: bold, fun, confident
Black/Metallic: classic, intellectual, creative

Once the shape is covered,  you have the brand to pick: Ray-Ban, Dior, Chanel, DKNY, Carolina Herrera, VOGUE… All have adopted the style and never before we saw such strong investment in the eye industry. Big brands heard the calling and we are grateful for that brought diversity.

Who changed the game from boring to trendy? Maybe Tom Ford in his styling for A Single Man. Maybe the multiple award winner TV series MadMan. Maybe Linda Evangelista in her Chanel add close up. Whoever it was the face of glasses has changed and so have the ones wearing them.


As of now, glasses complement your look, glam up your face and make you part of a team, the vintage-glasses team who sees the world in style! You just have to find the right look for you.


My style? The perfect mix: cat-squared-print by Dior.
Do you think it matches the profile?