Poncho Truth

Over the past 5 days I saw about 8-10 different people wearing ponchos in the street. This means that in the lovely town of Utrecht something like 48-60 people think that ponchos are cool. Well,  if you are reading this, pay close attention, I strongly encourage you to NOT wear them.

Why? Here comes the explanation.

The thing with this particular item of winter clothing is that when seen on the catwalk-super brands-great-design versions we are lead to thinking: “Wow! It looks stunning!”  You are right, they do. The thing is that these designy versions are a mix of vision and artistic flair. Hence, why you see the simple Pocahontas look suddenly turned into a Uptown girl look. 2010 and 2011 FW collections paraded the ponchos and they made their way back to our lives.

Ponchos_Fall 2010 Ponchos_Fall 2011_2


Unfortunately, the ones I actually see in the street are not the oh-so-fabulous ones, but instead the unflattering triangular versions with fringes and in bold colors, sometimes combined in the same poncho. Take a look at this sample:


Oh dear! Run away from those! They don’t do anything for your look and there are – believe me, there are – many other ways, and super stylish ones, to keep warm during the Winter.  Go for those!

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