Uomini a Pitti Imagine 83

the streets were full. the seats were taken. the cameras were ready. the lucky holders of the golden ticket showed the trends from the past, vintage in name, eternal in style and trends in future seasons: beards, hats, glasses, tailored coats and old patterns and prints.

Pitti Uomo is a must-see, a must-be. a platform for art were the Uomo takes the lead in an industry mistakenly thought for women only. these are my favorite images of the citizens of the Pitti. The streets were their catwalk and they were stylists and models.

PittiUomo_1 PittiUomo_2 PittiUomo_3 PittiUomo_4 PittiUomo_5 PittiUomo_6 PittiUomo_7 PittiUomo_8 PittiUomo_9 PittiUomo_10 PittiUomo_11 PittiUomo_12 PittiUomo_13 PittiUomo_14 PittiUomo_15 PittiUomo_16 PittiUomo_17 PittiUomo_18 PittiUomo_19 PittiUomo_20



Photos from Pitti Uomo official website. All rights belong to Pitti Uomo.