MML – The Airplane Outfit

It can be tough to pick the traveling outfit. I for once want to feel comfortable – don’t laugh but I sort of cuddle in my airplane seat – but always like to be in style and make sure that my fashion self is alive and kicking up in the air.

But comfy and stylish could be a tricky match to make, right? Wrong! Everything is possible. Let me share with you some of the secrets to fly in style without overdoing it.


DON’Ts vs DOs

Baby Colour Velour Track Suits (or any color for that matter) vs Skinny jeans



You may be under the (false) impression thanks to nameless celebrities that this is a look to keep. No. This is a look to throw away as fast as possible. Why? Because track suits are not meant to be worn out of the house; because velour does not flatter any body shape; because having “juicy” printed in your but is tasteless and because it makes you look cheap. Remember, comfortable can be classy!


Pumps vs UGG or Hunter boots

Pumps Shoes

I know, heels are the best thing ever. I love them too! Your walk gets sexier, you feel sexier and shoes are meant to be shown. But… when you are flying your feet will get swollen – some people more than others – and you certainly don’t want to be unable to walk on that pair that you love because your feet are coming out, right? There is more than enough time and places to shine, save it!


Heavy vs Nude Makeup


I admit, I never leave the house without mascara and some powder spread all over my face. But there is a thin line between a little sparkle and a Broadway worthy face. Again, you want to me comfortable and able to take a quick nap without worrying about having a joker smile and a black line under your eyes. If you have someone waiting for you when you land, do a quick check while you are waiting for your luggage, a little gloss, shimmering powder and sniff of your perfect scent and your loved ones will be blown away by the sight of you!



My pick for today’s flight back to Amsterdam? Something like this. Simple, stylish and comfortable!