The Magic of the Department Stores

It is Christmas time. For some that means: Presents!

Going in and out of heavily heated stores to a freezing cold outside. Put coat, and gloves, and scarf and hat on when you leave. Take coat, and gloves, and scarf and hat when you go in. Staying in line to pay, you no longer bother to try it on, you simply ask: “What is your refund policy?”. If the answer is “We give you your money back in 30 days as long as you have your receipt”, then it’s a go! Streets are crowded with bags dragging people along and suddenly you might just wish you had all in one place, no hop-in and hop-off of stores.

There is a place like that. Or instead, there are.


In one of these coat on-coat off adventures I started thinking about the Department Stores and the reason why – perhaps – they were created.

The claim is that the first Department Store ever was born in the UK around 18th century. But today my focus is not going to be historical.

There are many, all over the main fashion capitals of the world and if there are no names ringing any bells I will give you a hand with a couple while you will be saying: Ahh! Of course!

Saks 5th Ave. – New York, USA

The Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store and headquarters on Fifth Avenue in New York

Selfridges&Co., – London, UK


Pintemps Paris – Paris, France


Macy’s – New York, USA


Harrods – London, UK


De Bijenkorf – Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Bloomingdale’s – New York, USA


Bergdorf&Goodman – New York, USA


Barney’s New York – New York, USADS_Barneys

These are the top in the Department Store concept and in each and every one of these you can simply go in, take your coat off and move from floor to floor, from shoes to house appliances and, when your feet start to hurt enjoy a relaxing break at their coffee&restaurant area.

Most top brands can be found inside along with very classy Sales people who are simply there to make you feel… special! Maybe it’s the name outside, the solid iron doors or the sensation that all you could think off and more is right there, but for years the DS have ensured that your trip is worth it and you will find what you need.

If you have never been to one, go. Take it as a field trip. Smell the perfume they will smilingly put on your wrist. Let the make-up ladies recommend what eye shadow will make your eyes pop. Try on that dress that makes you feel like a million bucks (because it costs a million bucks) and then go back outside. To the busy streets but with some pampering done.


Just one last note: Christmas is more that gifts and trees. Hope and wish that you are well prepared for yours.