MyMondayLook… The Pencil Skirt

A shape that is flattering for pretty much every body type. A skirt that has been in every since it’s been out. An item that all classy women should have in their closet. Versatile, professional, sexy and glamorous, there are many words to describe the pencil skirt and its added value to the  female figure.


Inspired in several cultures and art forms, the modern version of the pencil skirt was brought to us by the hands of no another than Christian Dior in late 1940. As expected, it became a hit turning into the prefered office wear among many and different other uses. Remember MadMen?


It made our dear Joan look pretty good. So, yes, flattering for every body type.  To make it even better,  the number of options is almost endless and designers are adding this item in their collections. So, go over the different styles because you are bound to find one that suits your b-shape just right.


The pencil skirt allows mix and matching of fabrics, prints, colors and even sizes. So if below the knee is too much for you, no worries, above the knee is fine as well. Add a blouse, a shirt or a normal top; small jackets, cardigans or a trendy bolero. Style it up with high heels, pumps or boots as all can be a great fit depending on the look you are going for. Make it your own and have fun.  Pencil skirts are only as serious as you want them to be.


And an additional tip… Pencil + SS 2013 Trends = Big Hit!

You don’t want to be left out, do you?