Reader Appreciation Award Nomination

One of the first blogs that inspired me was the Fashion&Style Guru. Beautifully written posts, great photo selection. They were the first blog to ping back mine. Today they are the blog nominating The Confashionary to Reader Appreciation Award.

Thank you Fashion&Style Guru for the Nomination.

Reader Appreciation Award_Logo

The rules for the reader appreciation award are:

  1. Link back the person who nominated you
  2. Add the icon to your site
  3. Answer the questions below
  4. Nominate some other blogger whom you feel deserves this award

Your favorite color: White

Your favorite animal: Gordy (my dog)

Your favorite non-alcoholic drink: Orange Juice

Your favorite number: 3

Your favorite day of the week: Monday

Your favorite passion: Writing

Do you watch television: No

Your favorite author: Only one? In that case… Sophia de Mello Breyner

Do you like 80’s movies: Yes! How could I not?

How do you like your eggs: Benedict (it sounds so posh!)

What social issues bother you: That all over the world people are still dying for lack of healthcare, food or basic conditions to live.

When did you discover blogging: about 5 years ago when it was not so trendy but so much from the heart.

Why do you like to blog: I love writing about what interests me and the possibility to share that, immediately  with other people who share the same ideas makes it ever more interesting.

My nominations:

Classiq Ro – poetic. delicate. inspiring.

SheelaghMairi – creative.bubbly.engaging.

The Fashion Hive – interesting.great visuals.well written.

Futilish – delicious to read.

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