London Day 3 | Inspirational moments with Beulah London


A week ago, I was sitting somewhere in between Grosvenor Crescent and the Buckingham Palace with Beulah London owners Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan, who, to my surprise and great joy, accepted to meet The Confashionary for an interview.

Beulah London OwnersLavinia Brennan and Natasha Rufus Isaacs

Beulah London Owners
Lavinia Brennan and Natasha Rufus Isaacs

Sharing an old friendship, their bond is higher and deeper, they share the same faith and, as it turns out, the same calling. Their Christian beliefs led them to what would turn out to be a life changing moment: a 2-3 month trip to India (the slums of Delhi) for volunteer work with victims of sex traffic opened their eyes to a need and an opportunity for them and for these women.

TheConfashionary (TC): Who had the idea? Did the other one immediately say yes or was some convincing needed?

(they exchanged looks and Natasha replied)

BeulahLondon – Natasha Rufus Isaacs (BL-NRI): We both did, it was something that shared from the begining.

(Lavinia nodded in agreement)

TC: What about the name? Why Beulah and was it an easy choice as well?

BL-NRI: Yes. Beulah has a biblical meaning, it appears in the book of Isaac, and it means the transition from darkness into light and freedom.

This was the need identified there, an opportunity for these women to live in the light. Lavinia had just graduated before they traveled to India so when they returned it was the perfect timing to get started with this project in spite of the fact that none of them had studied Fashion or Fashion Design. When they shared the news with their friends and family the reactions were nothing but positive, as expected. Natasha and Lavinia wanted to create a luxury brand with a clear Statement – eco-fabrics and sustainability – and a Mission – help these victims find their way back to a healthy life – both in the UK and in India.

TC: It is not easy to see faith or religion associated to the fashion industry. How has it been for you?

BL-Lavinia Brennan: I like to think that what we believe does sets us apart but in a natural and positive way, so it has been easy.

BL-NRI: I agree. We have our own way of doing this business but in the end it is easy.

Their complicity is evident. Perhaps, this is what it means to be salt and light in the world. Being in it but remaining true to who you are.

A year has passed – Beulah London as a concept started in 2009, but their first collection came out only in 2011 – and the brand and these two business women are exactly where many brands strive and wish to be after many years of hard work. Their secret? That was my next question!

BL-NRI&LB: We believe in what we are doing and we know why we are doing it. We have a good product, we produce beautiful garments and we have great investors by our side sharing our beliefs.

Working with eco-friendly fabrics coming from different points of the UK, Hong Kong and other parts of the world, Beulah London ensures that from beginning to end, concept to product, sustainability, preservation and life and protected and valued. Their first collections Amazing Grace and Butterfly Effect – names that continue to carry the meaning of Beulah – show just how eco-friendly fabrics can be glamorous, elegant and feminine. Furthermore, celebrities all over the world seem to agree that this is the brand to wear; the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton being the biggest fan of all. How could she not?

Beulah London dress

Lavinia and Natasha wearing Beulah London

Lavinia and Natasha wearing Beulah London

When I asked about the AW 2013 collection they both smiled. It is Beulah London new baby and one both owners of Beulah London are looking forward to see out there, but for now it is still a secret and one very well-kept by their team and the fashion designer working with them and capturing the garment ideas they bring.

TC: All in all this has been a very positive year.

BL-NRI&LB: Yes it has.

TC: What are the goals for the future? Expectations?

BL-LB: We want to expand the brand to the USA. After this first year we learn a lot and there are things we would do differently or not do again.

TC: But that is part of the process as well. Learning as we go.

BL-LB: Of course! Furthermore it has been mainly Natasha and I defining everything together, so it has been very demanding as well.

BL-NRI: We did learn a lot and are now using that to do things differently and better. So our goal is to get the brand more stable and improve the quality of our product, build the website and export the brand to the USA.

There. My time was up and I was grateful for it. It is not every day that you get up from a meeting leaving inspired by the serenity with each Lavinia and Natasha replied to my questions and confidently shared their certainty that this is their journey and a beautiful and illuminated one for sure.

Take a look at their garments on the website. The hard thing will be choosing which one to buy. My pick? No doubt, the Camberwell Beauty, Emerald Green. It was love at first sight.


Thank you to Beulah London, Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan for their time.

Petra Vaz, for The Confashionary

Disclaimer: Images from Beulah London official website. All interview rights reserved to The Confashionary.

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