Is print fashion magazine an endangered species?

Charles Darwin defended the theory of evolution of the species on his book Origin of the Species. Adaptation. Adjustment. Development of new characteristics, traits to keep you alive. In  the face of extinction, species becoming whatever they have to in order to survive.

Naturally, Darwin was talking about Nature and was far from imagining a 21st high-tech century where everything is at the palm of our hands and the touch of a tablet screen.

In the case of Print versus Online Fashion Magazines, we should advocate that it is also – if nothing else – about Adaptation to a new reality; Evolution towards new technologies; Reinvention of a concept, a product that is still in high demand (I would even say more than ever): Fashion.

Harper's Bazaar 1st Cover  - Nov. 2nd 1867

Harper’s Bazaar 1st Cover – Nov. 2nd 1867

Vogue 1st cover September issue 1916

Vogue 1st cover September issue 1916

Vanity Fair inaugural cover 1914

Vanity Fair inaugural cover 1914

But isn’t this industry all about  just that? Reinventing? Recreating? Redesigning?

I confidently say Yes! Which basically, and positively, means that the solution for keeping prints on stands is in our hand. If extinction is not an option, then print magnates need to ensure that a strategy is put in place, a survival one. A winning one!

As much as one loves having all it wants, can think of, even what has not been thought of yet, at touch speed, true print lovers – like myself – won’t easily run away from the excitement of carrying the latest plastic wrapped Harper’s Bazaar, VOGUE or Vanity Fair to the favorite brunch place, order a cappuccino and a bagel and sit back to enjoy the next few hours of perfect delight on favorites scoop into fashion news and trends.

As surprising as it might be to remember that we have more than one sense, the truth is that we are and all of them like to be equally stimulated. You get that on print.

Should online versions be disregarded? By all means, No! Online is where you want and need to be right now. The question is: can both species live side-by-side or are they incompatible?

Harper's Bazaar RussiaDecember 2012 Cover

Harper’s Bazaar Russia
December 2012 Cover

VOGUE JapanDecember 2012 Cover

December 2012 Cover

Vanity Fair SpainDecember 2012 Cover

Vanity Fair Spain
December 2012 Cover


This could probably be the key word for every new season, new collection, new trend, new design and new issue in the fashion industry and I, personally, see no reason why print fashion magazines should be left out of it. So, no, print fashion magazines are not an endangered species – unless they chose to be. The way I see it, and probably the way Darwin saw it, we all have fight in us  to stay in the game.

Recommendations? Brainstorming. Brainstorming and brainstorming some more. Lacking ideas? In that case drop me a line. I have a few and would love to share them!