Balenciaga goes Wang

Cristobál Balenciaga had a clear vision of what fashion design was. It did not always meet the passions of all, but in fashion sticking to your own vision can be, at times, a risky thing to do; nevertheless, what should be done.

When in 1997 Nicolas Ghesquière was offered, in 1997 the position of Creative Director of Balenciaga, he was only 25 and the expectations were high and his mission was far from easy.


Remaining true to himself  and to Cristobál’s vision, Ghesquière’s avant-garde vision, creative instinct and passion achieved what some can only dream of: having his name branded to a high-fashion brand. In the past 15 years, Ghesquière ensured that  Balenciaga was a name never forgotten, instead loved and followed.


After several awards and international recognition, Ghesquière decided it was time to leave. Some may question his decision, others may agree. The point is that he is grateful for this journey and I, as a Balenciaga lover, am too. But change is an inevitable part of life and, even when you do not know what it will lead to it should be welcomed.

It unquestionably gives birth to new vision, new art and new creativity and this time it already has name, Alexander Wang, the new Creative Director of Balenciaga.

Alexander WANG


At the age of 27, Wang has already proved to the world that he knows what he is doing and how to do it. His own brand launched in 2005 is now present worldwide as clear evidence of his incredible talent both creative and business.

Alexander Wang AW 2009

Alexander Wang AW 2009

What should we do now?

I recommend sitting tight and wait for the AW 2013 collection by the hands of Wang. Will the Balenciaga‘s face suffer a serious makeover? Probably. Just how much it will change is the question we all want to wear answered.

I will keep you posted!