My friend Carmo, with whom I was staying, said that the sun comes out to play on Sunday’s in London. When I woke up and saw the beautiful light shining through I was happy to find out that it was indeed true.

The first stop was at Trafalgar Square to go up through the already crowded streets in Chinatown to find our lovely friend Emer – a name just as ethereal as she is.

More than a year had gone by since our last encounter and it was only fair to do it in style. The place of choice?

At Dean Street Townhouse, somewhere between busy Piccadilly and trendy Soho, we found the very glamorous Brunch place (also restaurant and hotel) where the only difficult task was to choose from the several very delicious items the menu offered.

A long chat and high quality food where the perfect start to a Sunday morning that was about to head to Julia and Hugh’s romantic neighborhood: Notting Hill.

The 1st stop was a vintage store with Chanel, Prada, Dior, McCartney, Louboutin, Choo, Blahnik shoes, bags and all other items with a known designer tag where a fashionista was happily telling the store owner how fabulous her life is, styling the celebrities – both funny and enriching (at some extent).

After that we decided to go in wherever our hearts would take us, down the Portobello Road checking shoes, clothes, books, jewels and the new designers that take this opportunity to show their work to eager viewers like myself. I spent an overly large amount of time at ALLSAINTS store both for its beauty and the quality of their items – but that adventure deserves a  later post.

When we got to the end of the Portobello Road it was dark and raining hard and as hungry as we were, my state of amazement and delight was unquestionable.

To the Road I said farewell, certain that soon my little feet would be taking me back there!