Keeping promisses

I am absolutely loving spending time in the Netherlands. I really am. The only itsy-bitsy thing spoiling it for me is… internet at home. It goes on and off all the time and even when it is on it might now work properly. These past days the state was off.

Solution? Take a few minutes at work to check my blog, reply to comments and smile at new likes!

Today I am keeping a promise made last  Saturday, I can’t share my actual pictures (not that many either) so I am being creative.

Store picks were: We at Fashion, G-Star Raw, Man at Work, Noa Noa, Supertrash…

So, I ended up doing more window shopping than actua shopping. But in the end I bought something and I am loooving it.

Shopping notebook!

You can write down all your favorite shops, your favorite websites and blogs, items you want to buy as soon as your paycheck kicks in, gift lists, shops you want to visit at some point and some room for your art. Priceless! Actually… 10 EUR. But it feels priceless to me. I am carrying it with me all the time now. Pretty cool, right?!

When net is back, I will be back too