Under my Skin by Confashionista | Shoes of Prey

Friends can be the most inspiring element in life. One of mine, discussing the Shoes of Prey post from a couple of days ago asked me “Which of the ones you posted was designed by you?”. My reply was obvious “None, all from the site gallery”. Not satisfied with my answer he said: “Well, what I want to see is what would the Confashionista design!”

Under my Skin, a 24 shoe F/W collection designed by Confashionista in Shoes of Prey

Style: Ankle boot; Heel: Stiletto; Fabric: Genuine Snake Skin; Combinations: snake-skin gallery

So the question is… Wish one would you walk home?

Do tell! I can’t wait to know,



All designs shown were made using SoP website design tool. The collection is my own and no partnership exits between TheConfashionary and Shoes of Prey, yet! With your opinion, we might find a winning pair and convince SoP to have an official Confashionista shoe design for sale.

Want to participate? Just comment indicating your Top 3 like this: Line 3-Shoe 3. Let get a winner!

I will think of a prize for one of our lucky voters!