Shoe of Prey, The designer is…YOU!

Four words: design your perfect shoes.

Since 2009, we’ve been making flats, heels, wedges, sandals and more that you can’t get anywhere else – because they’re designed by you, for you.

The process is easy and fun: with our 3D designer you choose the shape, colour and height of your shoes. We custom make them to your specifications in around four weeks and ship anywhere in the world.

The result: you’ll never wish your shoes had a lower or higher heel, came in another colour, or had more or less embellishment. You’ll never see the same pair on anyone else. And you’ll never walk home with your heels in your hands again.

Your design. Your size. Your perfect shoes.

If you have a little designer in you and have always dreamed of having shoes By You, this is your chance. With a great variety of colors, patterns and  materials, and several options when it comes to shoe type, Shoes of Prey ensures you got your hands full if your creative mind is up for it.

But if you like what you see and simply would want to give it a personal touch, that is possible too; the icon “Edit Design” appears in shoe you see in the gallery. By clicking on it you are prompt to retouch it until they are your perfect match.

At Shoes of Prey you get to be the designer and answer the ultimate question whenever someone stops: “Who designed these? I did!”

In the meantime, check these and get inspired to design your new walk.