This weekend | Primark Spree

Roxanne. Tess. Jorinde. Petra.
The Fantastic Four in the search of a good closet item for a great budget price.

Date: Saturday Oct. 6th. Destination: Primark. Mission:Accomplished.


Jorinde was, without a doubt the most excited one and the moment we got there, Roxanne giving each one of us a shopping bag, it became clear that the excitement had been absorbed by her fellow fashion heroes and soon  to be put to practice.

We spent exactly 4h inside the 2 floor store trying on shoes, dresses, jackets, skirts, pants, blouses, hats, bras, earrings… you get the picture. Literally because you can see below some of our picks and meet the girls.

So, after trying I don’t know how many different clothes, we finally settle for a few little items that won our hearts. Check them out!

We came home, shopping paper bags loosing bit due to the heavy weight but the hearts – like the pockets – light with the wonderful day we had spent together.

New friends and new clothes. It is worth living in The Netherlands!