Spoon picked by LookSoup

Someday you decide to a wish upon a star, or a wishing well, or a special coin or whenever you feel like and you do it! You wish really hard that your wish will come true. Then… you wait.

“Hello Confashionista (…) We are a new startup for fashion lovers and influencers. Since we believe your choice of topics and photos is quite unique we would like to extend our invitation to LookSoup. We are offering our invited guests a promotion period, during which, all the new presented content will be displayed at our front page.”

The day I got LookSoup’s email inviting above I had just made such a wish. It came true.

Thank you LookSoup for your stumbling upon my blog and for supporting Fashion bloggers, allowing us to showcase what we like the most and how fashion is seen through our eyes. This is a great platform not only to be seen but to see what is being done all around.

Your very own Confashionista is now part of the LookSoup.

Check it out!