007. James Bond. Secret Agents. Mission Impossible. Inspector Gadget. Rings a bell?

If, like me, you always wanted to be some sort of secret agent of the fashion world, spying on great collection, designer’s atelier, following the it-girls of the moment and capturing them – discretely – in the best possible pose? You can. With Gerke’s style!



Mike and Kevin – founders of Instagram, in  a perfect cooperation with German designer Markus Gerke, creator of the Instagram Sunglasses Concept, might just make this dream come true.





With Gerke’s Instaglasses you are not only protecting yourself from the sun but you can actually snap an Instagram photo using the incorporated 5 megapixel camera. What do you need to do? Easy! Now everything is touch and a button click away. So is Instaglasses: press the button and you got your next Instagram post.

As if that was not good enough, Mr. Gerke made sure to add a bit more sparkle to this already shiny item by adding a WiFi option to ensure you can post as you snap (hum, catchy!).

Just like you would do in your smart phone, you can also adjust the filter, choosing the one that suits you and your eye-capture best. How? Simple again, and all in your fingers: swiping the lenses until you find your picture perfect match. When you are good to go, save it, post it and off to the next great capture.


Sounds to good to be true?

Well, it still is for now. This lovely gadget is still a concept. But the last couple of years have shown us how easy and quickly the concepts fly straight into reality to our hands. Maybe it is just a matter of time until this concept can fly straight to our eyes with a great  design and color pallet. White was last S/S hit color and bound to be again in S/S 2013.

Nice move Gerke! I see a hit! But want to see it through my Instaglasses.

I will keep you posted on its launch,