Summer/Fall Collection 2012 by Utrecht

Fashion, like Colors and Seasons, changes from one country to another. Since I moved to Utrecht I am experiencing a different type of Summer and a new type of early Autumn.

In the spirit of experiencing things that are new, I decided to add a third collection season to my 2012. This year we have the Summer-Fall Collection. It lasts 1-2 months and is exclusive to 2012.

The theme is City in Water. The pallet is all shades of green. The shapes and fabrics are the straight lines of the satin-like canals; the apple-round reds, the mandarin oranges and the sky blues on walls and rooftops; the square lines of the house boats and the circles, many, of the endless bikes. The models on the catwalk are mostly…Dutch; and similarly to the colors and shapes, their beauty comes in every hair type, eye color and height.

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Utrecht is making my end of Summer and opening my senses to the start of Fall.

That makes it worthy of a Collection show!

Ladies and Gentleman, keep your eyes on the catwalk!