Beauty Tip | Powders and Bronzers for the Summer

yesterday at dinner a friend said “I love your make-up style. What is your foundation brand?”. she was surprise to hear I do not use foundation; loose powder or powder pearls only.

I absolutely LOVE make-up but I LOVE even more a natural look even if with heavy eyes or strong colors for the lips. so, and for a a few years now, I gave up on foundation and use powders or bronzers.


  • your skin breaths more (my theory)
  • looks lighter
  • spreads out better
  • no need for 100% uniformity
  • no face in color A and neck in color B
  • get correct color for your face skin tone
  • quick retouch without having to “do-your-face” all over again

so, my tip for this Summer would be get your brushes in hand and… powder away!!

below some of the best powders from top brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC, Makeup Forever Kiko Makeup Milano, YSL and others:

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which one would you pick?