Vodafone London Fashion Weekend

September is a great month.

The list of reasons or events that make it so great are many. But now that I am a fashion blogger, yes, I am a fashion blogger (still with the training wheels, I know, but one nonetheless), September becomes a fashionable month.

With fashion weeks and events, new collections and the chance to show off your new autumn clothes, the list is endless.

This year, there is another event for all of us to make it ever more special:


The website has all the information you might need to have this fabulous event under your radar.



An electronic magazine that will be sent directly to your email with all the insights for this event. You won’t miss a thing!




It does not matter way you want to attend, the Organization panel, thought of it and has it covered! You might go for shopping, for the runway shows, for the social part of it, for meeting up with other fashion lovers… it is entirely up to you. No questions asked.

Fashion is all about inclusion and the Organisation of the Vodafone LFW-E made sure to have an option for each “participant style”.
So go ahead and pick yours.


But don’t wait too long, these tickets are on fire and soon to be sold out!
Check the prices below:

Plus, the fabulous city of London is a living Hallmark card with bold and bright letters: WELCOME TO A ROYAL FASHION HUB! And Vodafone, a key brand worldwide, made a point to be there.

So a little secret, if you are in a VIP treatment mode, go for it! I might just too, because the 1st day of the event is Sep. 20th, your Confashionista’s b-day! If there is ever a VIP day, that’s it!

So, the question now is:

Will I see you there?