The predominant word in this season is Maxi. Maxi dress; Maxi skirt; Maxi jewelry.

Maxi Dresses from Elie Saab and Michael Kors SS 12 collections.

Maxi is everywhere you look, and the collections from great designers to our every day fashion store around the corner are a living proof of that. I could not be happier! Absolutely love the feel of the fabric in my legs and skin. A sense of freedom and glamour all in one.

Maxi Dresses from Valentino and Carolina Herrera SS 12 collections.

After SS 2011 and FW 2011/12, G&G sets the trend, or keeps the trend, with maxi dresses. This collection is very Frida Kahlo, don’t you think?

If you are wondering if I am going down the street with a Mulberry, a Valentino, a Dior, Elie Saab or Michael Kors on me… Sadly, I am not. I wish I was and all these featured here would definitely make my closet look ever more glamorous. Mine is a basic navy blue from Oysho, accessorize with yellow bracelet (Natura) and purse (Biju) and my green nails by KIKO to give it a certain edge.

Maxi Dresses from Christian Dior and Elie Saab SS 12 collections.

Now, if you are a normal size girl – meaning, non-model-height – like me, Maxi is an option too. There is a good number of options for you this season and it is all about how you combine your dress pick with your hair, accessories and, of course, the shoes. You can go for platform sandals for a longer and elegant look;

zara summer 2012 wedge platform sandal

or you can go for some strappy gladiator ones and let the greek goddess in you shine through.

zara summer 2012, nude gladiator sandals

Today I went for long and elegant. Was in the mood for platform.

What is your favorite? Feel free to confess, because I will keep your fashion secrets safe.

Word of  Confashionista!

post.confashionista.scriptum.: the F/W 2012/13 collections are giving us a promising glimpse that Maxi is not going away so soon.