Saturday 14th was my glorious day through Brandtown.

Mini Cooper was, once again, the greeting committee for the visitors arriving at the event, welcoming us with happy and powerful music to set the right mood.

Mini Cooper, sponsor of The Brandery Summer Edition 13-15 July 2012.
Not a confashionista photo.

You get in and are not quite  sure what to get to first. My secret? Find somewhere I can sit, pretend to check something on my cell and take a look around. Once I figured out the scene, I make my move. It works every time, specially if you are alone. The pics below show you where I was sitting.

at the entrance you’d find seating points with magazines, postcards, advertising material. Cosmopolitan was there with last May and June editions.

marie claire made her presence too with the May edition featuring the very beautiful Eva Mendes in the cover.

There were things to see all around and some of the brands with runway shows had their own stands. Replay, Superdry and Custo Barcelona with their very special Custo Growing edition are just a few examples.

Behind these mannequins there was a catwalk. Visitors could pick an outfit and model it out while being photographed by a professional. The models-to-be received tips on how to rock the outfit and the catwalk. A show not to miss!

Inspired by Barbie, young girls created their own outfit. Custo dressing Barbies, human ones as well, and bringing us back to our lovely childhood days of dreaming about some fabulous Ken picking us up in his red car.

There was also an area for workshops, for books about fashion, photography and design (both to be read and bought at very tempting prices) and a fashion&art area with very creative and inspiring items.

The catwalk was visited by Trendtation, ANDE – 5 young designers showing their collections to a jury, Claudina Mata was the big winner with a beautiful white and gold collection (featured image is from one of her designs), one of my favorites along with Bras and Paco Roca -, Replay and Superdry.

REDKEN was the chosen one to take care of the models’ hair and makeup styling for each show, and I have to say: Well done!

A few major universities were represented there for those that want to get a fashion degree. Smart!

The fact that there were not that many actual brands in the Brandtown was a surprise. Not as much, tough, as the fact that visitors – mostly younger girls – where lining up at RIMMEL LondonYoDona, Cazcarra or Mary Kay stands to get hair, makeup and nails done.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal! You leave the event with a free makeover by super professionals and awesome brands. But somehow I thought the focus would, indeed, be more Urban, more…authentic!

Oh well! Maybe I am just too old to get in line and take a photo for Cosmopolitan! But I am NOT too old to come back next season and blog away my fashion insights. You bet!

Thank you Brandtown for having little Miss Confashionista and do invite me to be one of your bloggers next season. I will make us proud!

This is my ticket. Yay!! The blue nail is sponsored by no other than KIKO.

photos by your one and only, Confashionista!