Lisbon | Art in the street

I take the subway to Baixa-Chiado.  I stand in front of the Armazéns do Chiado and observe the people walking by. They are young and fresh and exhale a style I can’t exactly qualify; a mix and match of trends and periods, of fabrics and designers, of ray-bans and adidas. The hippies, the trendys, the preppys, the classys, the fashionistas, the jon kortajarenas, the blake livelys… Lisboa has it all. 10 minutes passed, eyes fed with beauty, I go up the street to A Brasileira and then Largo de Camões where the ballet dancers from the Conservatório pass by me with their natural grace and elegance. I stop again to stare at a 50’s styled girl. I smile again. I am in love with this town. I take the second street on my left, Bairro Alto is my destination and Rua do Norte the road to travel.

Street art. Rua do Norte wall.

Street art. Left side of “Go Shopping” image. Same street.

Street art, Proof store slogan and banner in Chiado.

Street fashion. People walking in the street. Bairro Alto, Lisboa.

all photos from your confashionista.