When I moved to Barcelona almost 2 years ago my Sales-Rebajas-Saldos perspective changed significantly. In Barcelona, sales are for real, so you really get to buy that jacket, shoes or trousers that you had your eye on but your budget could not catch up with.

In my That Time of the Year post I mention the little secrets that got me by each sales season. Well this year and for my blog’s 1st month anniversary I set up a challenge with some friends: The BRL Contest, aka, The Best Rebajas Look Contest.

Each one will send me a photo of their Sales pick highlighting the best buy.

My evaluation will be based on:

  • items
  • prices before and after sales
  • overall look

The winner will receive a prize – which is yet to be defined. But after so (last one today) many visits to KIKO Make Up Milano, I am tempted to have them as my official sponsors on The BRL Award Ceremony! Lets see what they can do.

They are excited and I am too. Oh so much!!


post.confashionista.scriptum.: if you are interested in participating, please do. awards do go international! 🙂