…to Berlin

Berlin is an iconic city.

Over the past few years it became a meeting point for art lovers and a international banner for art, design, creativity, innovation and luxury. It is no surprise that Berlin, a capital of the world to the world, has its own fashion week.

The fashion troops packed their iPads, notepads and all other carryable 24/7-connectivity devices from Paris’ camp to now head to the might Berlin for another 5 days of incredible feast.

Expectations are high; after all, we have left behind 4 days filled with an incredible dégustation of haute couture.

The good news is that we, fashion followers, are always watching out for new collections. Like little children we want to be amazed by the talent of fashion genius that translate into skirts, dresses, trousers, shoes… their creative dreams and make them our dreams too.

Those are our expectations for Berlin Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012-13. And it seems we are just about right. Hugo Boss opened the event with his beautiful collection, Hugo.

I can’t wait for what is next.

Can you?

Hugo Boss – Berlin Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012-13
3-8th July 2012