“Be what you want to be”, KIKO

Born in 1997, this cosmetics Italian brand got me on my return from a Milan-Barcelona trip in 2011.

Every article looked fantastic but the prices seem too tiny for the big quality. Was KIKO to good to be true? My question was answered within seconds by a perfectly KIKOvered sales woman fully equipped with: eye shadow, lipstick, mascara and blush. I was in for a mini-makeover.

When in Milano, be KIKO!

The result was a-ma-zing and I am now a faithful follower. I ‘like’! A lot!


This is KIKO’s very exclusive Summer campaign for 2012 and it could not have been more successful. The color palette concept inspired by the ancient Nippon origami art, makes this splash of color equally vibrant and poetic.

Blooming Origami – Summer 2012

A world of options – in and outside the Blooming Origami line – ensures that you add all the color you need to your Summer. Literally from head to toes.

Eyes, Nails and Lips. Every inch of your body will have the KIKO Touch.

2 in 1, a practical way to carry your eye shadows this Summer. Creamy, glossy, powder or pencil shaped you will have new eyes every day.

a liquid and colorful sea of options for your nails from candy pastel to heavy-shiny-metal. your summer outfits could not have found a better finishing touch!

lip type, skin complexion, style, model and shape preferences were not left to chance by KIKO professionals. whether you are adventurous or conservative when it comes to bringing attention to your lips, there are at least 100 options to ensure that you will not leave a KIKO store empty handed.
Bear in mind that this IS the Summer to make your lips the center of attention. So, pick a color you never tried before.
Really! Do it!
If when you look at yourself in the mirror you are still too shy to go outside, put your sun glasses on until you feel more comfortable. Plus you will do what most celebrities do, hide from the paparazzi. When you do, look back. You will find yours, queuing for a KIKO-kiss!

KIKO MAKE UP MILANO stores are in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom and France.

Go check their website. Sign up for free and get a free shipping with 15 days of you registry.


KIKO-kiss away. I know I will!