Sales survival 1-on-1

* Comfortable clothes.
* Basics – not the day to be fancy – something you can try other things on top.
* Comfortable shoes – you need to move fast.

* Take turns!
* You stay in line for 10 min while your friend goes take a look. Then swap.

* Ask one of the sales person how many days you have to change items purchased during sales;
* Ask if they give you money back or you need to change for something else;
* Don’t waste time trying on – do that at home – unless you can try it over your clothes

* Be wise in your selection.
Decide what you want from each store before going in.
Check the stores on-line pages to do a pre-scan the collection.

* Be creative. So S available? get the XL and make that top a short dress with that cute belt you bought the other day.

* Avoid the piles. it is too messy and you waste too much time.

* Early bird gets the fashion worm. If that’s your case, open the shop!

* If you need your beauty sleep, then be the lunch bird!
With the heat wave people will be at the beach.
The ones that came in early are tired and hungry by now, so they will stop for a couple of hours.
The store girls will take lunch break time to re-organize the store for the afternoon crowd – that’s your chance to pick your favorites.

and… HAVE FUN!