Summer Skirts 2012 – Part I

Through transparent pleated skirts allowing a glimpse of sun-kissed legs, we are brought back to a delicate but yet strong land somewhere between Woodstock and Greece: the hippies and the goddesses.

They walk through our cities’ public runways, exhibiting the delicate pastel or heavy patterned prints, resembling the great Halston and retaking us to fabrics and shapes that allow the female body to breathe and shine through in all its glory.

Platform sandals do the trick when it comes to giving you the extra inches to rise up among the crowd; nevertheless, the roman strappy sandals style are still a favorite.

Just let your hair down and out in the wind, or add some Athena-like braids if you have it in a knot. Combine the right ethnic inspired jewelry and perfect purse to make this outfit a must-have for your Summer in the city.