Le Premiere

The opening day, the premier is the most nerve-racking of all, actors, singers, dancers, writers can confirm that.

What if I miss my line? What if I forget the choreography? What if I stutter? What if I…?

So I asked myself:  What if? I slightly adjusted it to be something like: What if I never create my fashion blog?

Chances are, with a million fashion bloggers all over the world, mine would be just a drop in the fashion-blog ocean – but every drop makes its circles in the water. So, What if my drop takes me exactly where I want to be? What if I start here and… make it there? Maybe then I can make it anywhere.


This is my premiere.

I know my lines. I know my choreography. I will not stutter.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for attending the grand premiere of… The Confashionary!

Get comfortable, eyes wide open and enjoy the fashion-ride!